Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New Entry!

So I forgot to take a picture before they took out the old screen door. I probably have one on the blog here somewhere. Anyways, the purple people eater is about to go in this pic. The dent, the peeling trim around the tiny window....all going away!

The trim around this thing was horrendous. So glad to see it go!

Here's the new door coming in. The installer showed up at my house and I knew he would be good. His first words were, "Nice sticker on your car." Talking about the UT sticker in my back window. He had a UT hat on! :)

Here's the new door. It was white but I had to put some color on it.....and what better color? Actually, we had to do something lighter than the eggplant because it would cause the door to warp from the hot sun. I like it though!
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(Ooops, I didn't stand out of the way enough to miss my reflection in the glass!)