About Me

I love where I come from. A good glass of sweet tea can take me back home. My husband is an Ohio Buckeye (even though he secretly wants to be from the south!) The mountains of East Tennessee are my favorite place. I grew up in the arms of Jesus and He has blessed my life.
My husband and I have been married for almost 6 years (October 30). We are both bull headed and strong- willed but have learned to give a little each way.

We have three kids.....well sort of. They are furry. I will cover that on the other pages!

I love to cook so you will find lots of recipes and meal plans on my site. I also found out last year that I am gluten intolerant so most of my recipes don't include flour or wheat (but you'd probably never notice)

I love photography and decided to do it professionally last year (although I hate that word professionally....sounds too serious. I just love catching people as they are!) You can find my website on the Photography tab.

Other than that, I love to do anything new and adventurous. I went skydiving last year for my birthday and it was honestly one of the coolest things ever. I can't wait to go again. Of course, a month after that I tore my ACL wakeboarding. Like I said, I love adventure....a new trail....a new body of water....a new good book....a new recipe....they are all exciting to me.