Sunday, December 5, 2010

Not as bad as the Griswolds....

Every year I look forward to coming up with a cool idea for our Christmas Card picture. Our dogs are pretty good at posing so they usually get roped it to the picture too. In past years I have handmade all the cards we send out but I just don't have the time this year. I am going to use Shutterfly instead!
Its a hassle enough to just get Jeremy out for 10 minutes to do the pictures and with all other holiday stuff this year I decided to let someone else do the designing for me. ( I know, a rarity!) I am usually too picky, wanting to move something a little here or adjust colors there. But there are a ton of cute cards on here.
This one I like but I have to do a horizontal layout because of the way I took our picture. I can't show you which one I picked out but I am excited.
I also like these calendars. A friend of mine made them for her family and I might have to use that idea as well. Very cute!