Monday, August 24, 2009

I Heart Faces Entry

This is the first time I have entered in a I (heart) faces blog photo. Nostalgia brought to mind so many entries but this is what I chose.

A young girl picking flowers behind Grandma's house. It could be me or my mom or her mom. (Its not, its actually my friend's adorable little girl) but what I love is even though she is picking flowers, she's got dirt under her fingernails, a sign of playing outside, not watching TV. Enjoying the smells of summer and the feel of the sun on her shoulders. It makes me want to go pick a few daisies myself!


Hayley said...

Very pretty!

Katacomb said...

Where have I been?? What's wrong with your knee?? Did you hurt it hurling yourself out of a plane? I hope it gets better soon. I love your pictures! If we are ever in the same area (seriously we need a reunions!) I'll have to get you to take some of my little schnookums!