Sunday, January 31, 2010

First Time!

So since going gluten free in June, I have baked very little....for obvious reasons. I have made a few loaves of bread and corn muffins from mixes but the sheer amount of ingredients in gluten free baking scared me. Marie to the rescue! Marie is my very baking talented friend who was sweet enough to make me a pre-mixed gf flour! So tonight....I went out on a limb!

I decided to make gingersnaps from this wonderful website.

I was supposed to make 1" balls which I thought I was doing but they all "melted" together and I realized maybe my cookie baller is bigger....oh well, it didn't affect the taste. They are fabulous!

She says on her site that she likes a little less spice and I would have to say I like more so next time I will probably double the ginger and cloves, but the texture of these things is amazing! They are chewy in the middle, crispy on the edges.....just like regular cookies!

Oh! and another secret I learned. All my life I have used cooling racks for cookies, which usually results in half the cookies falling apart or coming out with little cris-crosses on the bottom. Solution?.....Newspaper! Yep, put your cookies on newspaper to cool. Not only does it leave you with flat bottoms, it sucks some of the extra grease (ie: calories:) out of the cookies! I can't wait to make her chocolate chip cookies.....oh and I am determined to make my own gf Somoas....or Carmel DeLites....depending on what part of the Girl Scout country you live in.

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