Sunday, January 31, 2010

Out of shape!

So back on January 15th, I went back to the doctor and was cleared to a straight line, haha. I have since been working out 3-4 times a week, running 1.5 miles or so each time in addition to some other stuff.
Fast forward to this weekend. My crazy husband has been in Nashville helping move snow around down there. Something like they use 50 trucks here when it snows and they only have 8 down there, 7" of snow and most of the parking lots have been driven on for the last two days and now have 2" of packe ice.....yikes! Anywho....back here where it is never pretty in the winter, it has been beautiful and sunny for the past two days. I decided the dogs would love to go to Winton Woods today and it was very nice b/c there weren't many people there.
We walked/ran the loop twice....only 3 miles.....and they were loving every minute of it. Until we got home......
They went outside.....ate dinner.....and then this.......
can we say.....out of shape much? I guess its my fault....they don't get to go to the YMCA.

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