Thursday, February 4, 2010

Monday Night Roadtrip

Monday was not my normal Monday night. I went with Andy and Marie to Lexington's Rupp Arena for the Flyleaf, Breaking Benjamin, 3 Days Grace concert. Roadtrip!

Marie's dad pretty much runs things around Rupp so he made up feel like VIP's....coming in the back door. Telling the parking attendant we were with him and him waving us through...and then as we are walking around in the basement we see Flyleaf equipment boxes! How cool! Her dad walked over to an office (to get us earplugs-no we aren't old...I will explain later) and there sat the setlist from one of their shows last week. I was sooooo tempted to snag it but instead just took a picture! I was very excited!

Okay so on to the earplugs....they are awesome! They drown out the background noise and let you just hear the music really well! Oh and that annoying eeeeeeeeeeee noise that you can't get rid of hours later when you are trying to fall asleep.....not there! We didn't have to scream at each other in the car on the way home. I think they are my new concert accessory!

Well, we sure did have a blast...oh and here's another Monday oddity....we had soft serve ice cream between two of the bands coming on to where else can I say I have done that! Awesome Monday!

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