Friday, February 5, 2010

My Research

Since I hadn't purchased a new pair of running shoes in about 2 1/2 marathons, 2 triathlons and countless 5Ks (not to mention the training for all) and about 3 years ago, I decided it was time. In looking for some I started reading articles and research about running barefoot......What!? you say? Yep! Since most of these articles explain it way better than I do I will just give you the link. This one for example, talks about a tribe of Native Americans that are known to run over 100 miles (at one time people) barefoot! And this one has some great visuals about what our beautiful dress shoes do to our feet (and balance and posture). And just in case you don't want to take the time to look at these links, I am putting some of the pics on here too.
Ick! The feet look like shoes!
A little hobbit-ish but I bet this guy has great balance!
This is one that really made sense to me. I have horrible posture.....could it really be somewhat due to my shoes?
Here's the new shoes (yes I know they are not stylish with my velvet skirt) I got them in the mail at work and couldn't wait to try them on. The shorthand on the premise of these is that they give a barrier between you and the ground, that's padding, cushioning, orthodic arch supports....nada. This causes your foot to re-learn how to work properly. I am not someone with good feet no. Flat arches, plantar facitis pain galore, joint pain.
So, last night I wore them to the gym. Their website gives you a plethora of uses but I heard all these benefits of running, so off I went. I was told to start slow. Not a problem since I am only up to 2 miles after my surgery anyhow. I decided to run 1 mile. Can I just tell you how bouncy my own feet felt?! It was great. Now mind you, the reason you start slow is because your calves are going to work harder than normal and mine did! You will also feel muscles in your feet you haven't felt in a while. I was sore last night....but muscle sore! not joint and shin splint (often a product of my old running style) sore. I will admit I have a small blister on the inside of my arch....I have always gotten one there, so no biggie. In all fairness most of my soreness is on my right leg....the one I had surgery on 3 months ago. So, I guess the verdict is that these puppies are pretty cool!
On a last note, I ordered mine online, but I tried them on in a store before. You want to make absolutely sure you get a good fit. Oh yeah and apparently my pinkie toe is so incredibly tiny, it doesn't like to stay in its little home, but it doesn't bother me!

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