Sunday, April 11, 2010

Strolling on a Saturday

This weekend was forecasted to be beautiful, so early last week I had my Saturday planned. Jaime and I went down to Findlay Market, one of my favorite historical places in Cincinnati. Its located in a very historic, but rundown, part of Cincinnati and is just a great place to visit and be a part of. Over the Rhine is currently in a state of Renaissance, with many new businesses coming in to revive the area.
Amongst the vegetables, fresh eggs (which I didn't need this time thanks to Jaime bringing me fresh ones from her parents casa), and even jewelry, there is this little place that sells gelato. Now, I haven't been to Italy, but from what I have been told (Kat!) this stuff is the bomb. Dojo makes the stuff in small batches and wonderful flavors like Honey Lavender and Sea Salted Caramel. I opted for a small which allows you two picks?....Sea Salted Caramel and Turkish Coffee.......OH..My...Goodness!
(See all the lovely flavors and colors here!)

This is Jaime's bowl (with her cute red toenails in the background) Aren't these the cutest cups they serve in? I took mine home....yeah I am a dork. It was a #5 so I couldn't recycle it that way, why not use it again at home! By the way, the gelato was fantastic!
Here's a quick shot of some of the veggies. We cooked up some of them tonight! If you are ever in Cincinnati, especially during the spring/summer, stop by Findlay Market.....oh and if you live here and haven't been, you must, read, must go NOW! Enjoy local produce!

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Kat said...

Awesome pictures and MY MOUTH IS WATERING for some gelato...those flavors sound amazing! MMMM....When ya'll come up here, I may have to get you to take some pics of us :) If you don't're awesome!