Friday, April 30, 2010

Sunbathing in Siberia

I have a Siberian least that's what I am told. But give her a 75 degree day and the first place she runs is onto our very sunny deck....plops down....and probably wouldn't move until you made her. She LOVES to sunbathe. Seems a little odd considering how much fur she carries around (and sheds all over my house).

See here, I have made her sit up.....she's not happy about it. (Oh and yes we are restaining our deck this year. I know it looks awful!)
But, if she must get up....she will go visit the fishes while I feed them. I can't tell if she thinks they are funny or look tasty.....but no chance of her jumping in the water to find out.

Now, Rosco, on the other hand,
prefers to lay and stand in the cool shade of the back tree.
He's not too happy when I make him come inside either. Sometimes I hate going back to work! :(

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