Wednesday, October 6, 2010

House Update-Week 7

So by now, you know this is the front of the house. Neil and I wanted to keep the very cool original door but it had a broken pane. Josh and Neil fixed it so we are able to keep it! We also put the first bit of color on it!

The bathroom is really super close to being finished. Lighting is in (thanks James), grouting is done, and we even have a fancy granite top! (This was a deal that Neil got...we aren't that crazy to spend that much money!)

More new lighting in the hallway

and on the front porch.

Michelle washing brushes....we do a lot of this,especially at the end of the day, but today was especially chilly. It rained on us and the temps didn't get out of the 60's so we all went home and tried to warm up

Josh and Kelly replicated the old 8" base molding. Once this is painted it will look just like the beautiful stuff in the living room and other rooms.

Bringing in some new appliances

Working on the front of the garage. We had a few panels that were falling apart and really needed to be replaced rather than just painted over.This will be painted to match the rest though.

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