Tuesday, October 26, 2010

House Week 8

Okay, this is really really late, like three weeks I think. Last week Neil and Michelle only went up, the week before that I wasn't able to go, so yeah....three weeks ago!

Remember that weird trap door that is the access to the crawl space? Here it is tiled with handles for lifting.The handles had to be flush so the fridge could roll over it.

Front entry tile so you don't get the carpet muddy when you come in!

Pulls on the cabinets in the kitchen.

Front porch, fully equipped with a swing! I got this for a deal off Craigs List. (the new columns went up the next week)

New privacy fence

New garage door and remaining siding. (This got painted last week)

Unfortunately I do not have final pictures yet. Carpet is going in this week and we are having a block party on Saturday. We will be inviting the neighborhood, church, and anyone else who is interested. Come by, have a hot dog and see the end results! If you can't or aren't in the area, I will post final pictures after the block party.

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