Sunday, January 23, 2011

Taking a Break

   So after working on photo edits tonight I decided to take a break and reupholster this cute chair I found on Craigslist for $20. Usually that sounds a little high for CL but this chair was really in great condition....minus the one spot in the super ugly upholstery. (Sorry, no before pics but it was a marble-y maroon vinyl....uh huh.)

So, I found this fabric at Swatches, the cutest fabric shop and since they were having a sale this weekend, it was only $8/yard! I will probably shoot myself for not buying more because......oh well you will know in a minute.

See how the back of the seat cushion is rounded....not the front? Um hmm. Somehow after I took the seat off the chair I forgot this detail and proceeded to attach my cute little birdies UPSIDE DOWN! Good grief! Blonde moment much? I was so excited when I got all the staples in only to turn around and put it on the chair and see my mistake.

So I took it all back off, cut a new piece (because I had already trimmed the back and that piece would no longer work) and put it back on the chair.

So, my little "break" turned out to take a little longer.....but I still like my little birdies!

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Kat said...

So cute!!! Love the fabric...i'm so into birds right now!