Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday what!?

This is pretty much how I feel today....some of it for good reasons:

#1. I am super busy at work....always a good thing (because it means you have work to do),even if it is because you finished the directed work on time...even early...only to have someone change it 6 hours before it has to be mailed out to the client.

#2. We got a call that we have a showing on our house tomorrow.
       a. This is a VERY good thing
       b. This means I have to finish painting the ceiling in the office....tonight
       c. We need to clean b/c all I did this weekend was pickup and vaccuum. Dusting and mopping on the list        for.....tonight

#3. We are completely out of food at my house and therefore need to make a trip to the grocery store.....tonight

#4 I don't have anything made for dinner add that to the list.

Is anyone seeing a pattern here?
Too much to do after work tonight.....but here's to hoping for a good showing and eager buyers!

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Kat said...

Good luck! Also, you asked me FOREVER ago about the paint on our bathroom know me, I totally didn't follow the rules. I just used the regular white paint that I had and then did a coat of poly. That dried ugly yellowish so I did another coat of white on top of that. It's a very low traffic area though so I wasn't too worried. The laundry room is the same. If I do the hallway or somewhere that gets more traffic I would probably do something different. If you figure out how just let me know!