Monday, March 9, 2009

Breathe Right, Pizza and Burgers

Not all together mind you!
Jeremy and I have been attempting to try all these restaurants on Mo Egger's top 10 list. He's some radio guy that Jeremy listens to here in Cincinnati and they aren't the snobby top 10 but just good hole in the walls or good food. We have been to Terry's Turf Club and this weekend visited two more. Fat Burger in Oakley where, if you feel like having a heart attack on the way home, you can get the Triple Kingburger (1.5lbs of meat on a burger). You can even top it with chili and an egg. An egg? Really? Breakfast combined with a burger. Well, each to his own.
The next place we went was Aponte's pizza in Mason. Really good thin crust New Jersey style pizza. Really good!
Now, for my new favorite thing....Breathe Right Strips. I bought them for Jeremy thinking it would help quiet his snoring. I decided to try one myself b/c it looked funny. I have known for a while that I don't have the most efficient nose as far as breathing goes. I am pretty sure I am the next Marcia Brady b/c I think I have broken my nose as many times as she did. The noises that the crooked canals of my nasal cavity make drive Jeremy crazy. (He is a little particular about mouth and apparently nose noises :) So, anyways, I have just gotten used to breathing through my mouth when I sleep or run, running especially. I just can't get enough air through my nose. I thought everyone had this problem! Little did I know that the nose can be used for inhaling! I put that little strip of adhesive and flexible strips on my nose last night....and ....could you believe it? I could breathe! Yeah, so I was totally excited and can't wait to run with one on. I know, I may look a little dorky so you can laugh if you see me running, nose strip in place, two dogs beside, but I will be breathing easily! Now if they could combine the Breathe Right strip with those Pore cleaning strips......hmmmm. I might be on to something here.

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