Friday, March 6, 2009


Yeah! So I am terribly excited about the fact that I figured out a little tiny bit of how to customize my page on here. Forgive me for my overexcitement but I am totally a girl that doesn't want anything I do to resemble someone else's. I drive an aqua car for crying out loud.
So today is Friday and you ask, "Why am I at home and not out enjoying the weekend?" Well, I am also very excited about my plans tonight. Can anyone say karaoke!?! Yeah it doesn't start until 10 so I am killing time until then. But hey, I got a new layout out of it.
So since I am new to bloggin', I thought I would explain a few things. Jackson Five is that for the simple reason that I have two dogs and a cat....oh and my husband, so that's five. No kids yet. Really it should be the Jackson 45 because we have a pond full of fish but that's not as catchy. Anywho, we tend to treat our pups like kids, so it works out okay. I live in Cincinnati now but grew up in the mountains of East Tennessee so you will probably read a lot about that. For instance:
Last weekend we drove to and back from Knoxville and one of the things I just had to pick up was a 12 pack of Cheerwine. For those of you from the south, you probably know what I am talking about, for those who don't, don't assume I am an alcoholic! Cheerwine is not wine, it is only the best soda ever! Unfortunately it is made in NC and isn't sold here in the state of Ohio. The name has always baffled me, however the taste is fabulous!
That's all for now. Off to sing my heart out to a little screen of words!

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