Thursday, March 5, 2009


I posted this on my notes a few days ago and thought I would add it here.

Okay I will definitely say that I am not and have never been a writer but there is something that struck me this weekend that I felt compelled to share and possibly liven your day.
Jeremy and I went to and from Knoxville on Saturday. I always enjoy going "home" and seeing other southerners and the beauty of the area. Unfortunately it was pretty rainy but we could still see the daffodils popping out and the rivers and mountains. This brings me to part of what I wanted to say. When we are heading through Kentucky you rise over this hill and get the first peak of the mountains in view. It always makes me smile.
So we also went to eat at this fabulous hole in the wall between Clinton and Oak Ridge. One of the first things that struck me when we walked in the door was the smile and honest cheer in the girl's voice that greeted us.
So, here is my point. There are thousands of things out there to keep us down and depressed, especially as of late with all the layoffs and economy. Many of us let these things change how we look at each day. I was reminded this weekend that even though those things might be what we hear on the news every morning that there are still numerous things out there that make me smile. A true genuine smile. The things that make life good. The fun part is that like the girl at the restaurant, I can impact someone else's day with my smile.
So, as weird as it may sound on a Monday, I want to tell you to smile. Not to fake a smile, but think of something that really makes you happy. It can be something you are looking forward to doing or something that is great just in its being. But think of that and I bet you will find a grin popping up on your face. I know that Tennessee is going through the same economic hardtimes as we are in Ohio, but sometimes it would be hard to tell from the faces of those you encounter. I saw the same phenomenon in South Africa and all I can attibute it to is that those people focus on the great things they HAVE in their lives and not the things they DON'T HAVE.
Have a great week!

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