Sunday, June 28, 2009

Brad and Dierks

So its been a long time since I have posted anything. Work has been crazy and I have been busy so now I have folders full of photos to edit.
I finally used some of the Photoshop Actions on my photos instead of editing every one by hand. So fun! The one above of us I used the "Seventies" action from Pioneer Woman
We went to the Brad Paisley concert last Friday. We didn't win the Pavilion seats from work so we had to sit in the lawn. Dierks Bentley was opening for him. Well, we have some super cool friends who had 3rd row seats and since he wasn't that intersted in Dierks, I got to go with her up there.
I should warn you that the following pictures are steamy! Haha, just kidding, it was about 95 degrees and about 85% humidity so they probably are. I was super excited to see Dierks up close. He was a great performer. Unfortunately Riverbend thinks my camera is too "professional" and won't allow it in the place so I had to borrow a point and shoot to take. I kept thinking how much better these photos would have been but it also goes to show you that you dont' have to have an expensive camera to get some good shots!

This is the Sepia action

This was a couple, I think I used the Seventies with something else.

Haha, no I was not this least to Brad. This was after I went back to the lawn with Jeremy and this was the screen. So basically I took a picture of a picture. I know, not as exciting. We had fun though!
Oh yeah, and I think I discovered that I am officially too old for the lawn. Between the mud that smelled like a cow pasture and the high schoolers looking for someone to buy them beer, I was over it! :) Music was awesome though


Anonymous said...

What a kick! I laughed out loud about the highschoolers. My camera is just a rinky little point and shoot but I am often pleasantly surprised. I really need to learn how to use those actions. Do I have to have photo shop first?

Erin Jackson said...

to: glutenfree4goofs
I don't think you have to have Photoshop. I think Ree has some actions for one of the less expensive programs. Even Picasa, a google downloadable program, has some adjustments, just not the exact ones that Pdub uses.