Friday, July 3, 2009


MMMM! So I am way behind in blogging but trying to catch up on this day off. Last Saturday we went with our friends Andy, Marie, John, and Amanda to Panegyri!

"Did you call me an idiot?"
"No, I said, Dijieatyet?"

Hehe, that was a bit of the radio commerical they kept running for Panegyri, or Greek Fest.

So we went and had to get some gyros. Yes, this one has a bite taken out of it. I have been doing the gluten free thing for about 3 weeks and I went to find a fork and came back and opened what I thought was my untouched gyro only to find a gnawed off end! I almost went back to the booth! Until Jeremy and everyone else started cracking up. He took a bite and rewrapped it! Funny guy. I wasn't too worried though since all I was eating was the fillings.

It was really hot....notice my greasy hair! Yuck.

The bus back to the parking lot was a little crowded so Marie and Amanda got a little friendly!

Greek Fest was fun!

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