Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I couldn't resist....I'm impatient

I am completely excited about these photos. These two cuties got hitched last Friday. It was so beautiful and intimate with just a few guests.....and talk about photogenic. You can really see the love between these two. Enjoy!

Oh and PS. I am hoping to have http://www.erinjacksonphoto.com/ up and running this weekend but we will see. If you look at it now you will be dissapointed. Just wait, haha, look who's talking!


Teresa =) said...

Hey, are you available to take Senior Pictures?! We won't need 'em for another year for the Megster, but I like to have my "ducks in a row" as they say!

Teresa =)

Amy said...

Erin! Just found your blog. Your pictures are amazing! What part of Cinci are you in again? We are in Florence. We really ought to see each other sometime. Or have you take some pics of the kids!

Erin Jackson said...

Amy! So good to hear from you. Thanks so much. We are in Finneytown, off Ronald Reagan. I would love to see you guys and meet your kiddos! Send me a message on Facebook or email me at erin@erinjacksonphoto.com and we can set something up.