Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Canoe, Run, Bike.....Little Miami Tri!

So one day Jeremy called me about a month ago and asked if he could use a large sum of money from our account. He usually only does this when he wants to buy me something. I told him I didn't need anything and he said it was for him. Well, anyways, later that night he said he wanted to do the Little Miami Triathlon with me. (I did it last year with my friend Sarah). I told him he didn't have a bike and he responded, "Yeah, that's what the money is for!" :)
Well, we found a used bike for him and last Sunday we were a team for this unusual Tri. It consists of 6 miles of canoeing together, then a 6 mile run and 18 mile bike ride that you can do alone, obviously (there's no three legged 6 mile run! ) Our friend John was doing it with his friend too we found out so we talked about it the week leading up. John and Amanda were nice enough to have us over Saturday night before the race for an awesome dinner of homemade meatballs and Tiramasu! Carb Loading!
So, the canoeing was the part I was most worried about. I thought we would kill each other. While the first 3 miles were a little rough (me yelling how to steer and Jeremy getting frustrated), we actually figured things out and worked really well together. The heat kicked my caboose on the run and Jeremy got out in front of me. The biking went much easier this year since I took water. Last year I guess I thought I was a camel and didn't take any water....I got sick....had to stop for a while, so anything was an improvement over that. Jeremy was not a fan of the biking. I think he needs a cushier seat. The boy will never have to worry about having too much junk in the trunk. That, however, is not a good thing on a bike! We only came in about 2:50 seconds apart. (Had I known that, I totally would have pushed it, after all, it would have been great to beat him! Who can blame a competitive girl?) We did great, finished and had a great lunch at the Country Kitchen.....yes I said that. Its definitley kept in business by the I-75 truckers.....and hungry triathletes!

See, doesn't he look so happy to be on that bike!

Oh now he saw Amanda with the camera and out comes the smile!
And a few minutes later, here I come

That clock was way kooky. I think our actual times were 3:46 and 3:49

Yeaaah for team Action Jacksons!
That's John minus his teammate. Chris had to go to flying lessons. I don't know how he had the energy, I just wanted to eat and sleep when it was over!
So, yesterday, after Jeremy talked about how much his butt hurt, he informed me that by the end of the week he will decide if he wants to do the LMT again in the fall. I think he will. He wants to beat his 30 minutes! Crazy kid. I just want to finish again!

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