Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bathroom Before/After

So, this was a very long drawn out process. I guess I will start. Makes me sick to my stomach to think back on all the headaches. Okay, really I am starting!
These are pics from our viewing of the house.

One of the first things was to tear out the icky moldy shower door. I am all for nice shower doors, but this thing was pnuemonia waiting to happen. Oh and that over the toilet thing had to go too.

I decided early on to try to work with the pink and burgandy instead of fight it. So pink flamingos it is! The yellow is a little "rubber duckie" but it worked....for a while.

But after a while, we decided it all needed to the faucet broke and we had no access to it. :) So started our month long adventure.

I thought tile would be easy, you know, just tap it a little and it comes off whatever it is glued to....just like on HGTV. Well, not in a 50 year old built to withstand hurricanes house. In our house tile is put up on top of 1.5" of concrete reinforced with metal lathe. Yep, I still have a scar on my hand from cutting myself trying to get this stuff off.
Oh, by the way, did I mention this is our only full bathroom in the house? We showered at the gym for a month. Fun! Now do you see why I get sick to my stomach thinking about this?
So anyways, here we have taken out all the wall tile. We think most of demo is done......wrong!

Oh this is just a fun "whats in your walls" shot.

I thought the walls were bad....the floor tile was on top of about 3" of concrete. Let me tell you, I can't say this house isn't well built! It was fun to pound on the floor.
So here we are.....absolutely cleared out. Oh, and see that hole in the floor? Its for the drain for the tub.....unfortunately, it also allowed all the dust, concrete, tile chunks to fall into the basement half bath. What....a....mess! I still find pieces of tile..2 years later. is where we started putting up new greenboard....I know, its purple.....its called greenboard.....water resistant sheetrock.
And this is the durarock. the stuff you put the tile on. You do put up a moisture barrier behind this but I forgot that picture....besides this isn't a how to blog! Oh and I started the first row of new tile in this pic.

Skip ahead....all the tile is in....and yes, I have a plastic sheet duct taped around my window. It lived there for a while until I could get the edge pieces of tile in for the window. Something about them being backordered....blah blah blah. We used a stainless tile accent you can see better in a later shot.

This is the new floor tile. I felt like it needed to give a hint to the age of the house but still be neutral.

And here it is today. New Angela Adams rug and shower curtain, the smallest cabinet that HD carries without being special order and the new privacy window(that part we didn't do).

Did I also mention this room is only 5' x 6'6" including the shower space? Yeah, its tiny, but now its updated! And mark my words....I will never do this in a house that only has one shower again. I can't believe I didn't have a heartattack, or a hernia, or something stressful during this process.

Oh, and how can I forget! Remember me saying the house was built to withstand a hurricane? Well, I know we live in Ohio, but in the middle of this renovation, we actually had a storm that they called a hurricane. I think the wind was around 78 mph. I realize this is timid compared to stuff in Florida, but our trees (many of which are old) aren't palms. We lost power for about 5 days and lost our beautiful Bradford Pear tree in the front yard. Needless to say, it seemed like a cruel joke that this happened while we didn't have a bathroom. Haha, I guess at least I can laugh now!


Kat said...

That looks so good! I can't belive you did that by yourselves! Talent, girl!

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