Thursday, July 22, 2010

Outside Before/After

So, yesterday's before/after was so fun I thought I would start doing the rest of the house. This is the photo from our house's listing 5 years ago. Original windows, original siding(painted...I think it was dark brown(ick) originally, and 3 (yep 3, people) layers of shingles...4 at the edges!
So I think this was our first Christmas at the house. Not much has changed. We planted azaleas in the front bed but everything else was still the same. Oh, we did rip down the falling apart (ie: disintegrating) railing on the front stoop.

Again, I was not very good at taking inbetween pics on this one but this is last year. We had the roof redone in 2008 along with the gutters. Then last year we had the siding replaced and the windows and shutters. Jeremy and I took one weekend Sunday afternoon and tore out the landscaping timbers and replaced them with these stones. We also have changed the plants in the front flower bed twice now but I think these are staying.

And now this is the new front doors we had put in about a month ago. (Sorry this isn't a picture of the whole house.) Notice how much the lilacs next to the door have grown since the last picture (a year ago)!
I always wonder if my taste is a little crazy....even though I don't really care if it is. Most of the houses in our neighborhood are brick and have white siding. Again, from the previous post.....not a fan of white. So when I went waaaay out on a limb (sarcasm) with this khaki color and green shutters and then the orange door, I kind of wondered what our neighbors thought. Well, apparently they like it! We had a yard sale and had multiple people stop and tell us they have admired what we have done over the years to the house! Yipeee! But we all know I was happy with it either way!
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Amy said...

question for you. I know you do decorating and design. Do you do any kind of advising on how to get a house ready for the market? Not that we are getting ready right now, but probably in the next year. We kind of wanted to get someone with taste to give us some suggestions on what to spruce up..haha! If you are interested, let me know and think about your charge!

Erin Jackson said...

I would love to help you out with getting your house ready for the market. Give me a call sometime or email and I can get more info for you. Its never too early to start, and that way, you don't have to do it all at once!