Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Week 4-LHC House Remodel

We had a bunch of people finishing up the painting on the house and some started scraping the garage for paint.

The tile is now all laid in the kitchen. Grouting is next. We do have a tricky situation we have been calling the trap door. Over where you see Dave in this shot is the access to the crawl the floor. We have to tile over it but keep it able to be opened. It was all kinds of tricky to figure out and we are still trying to figure out what type of handle to put on there.

The rest of the sheetrock and hardibacker is up in the bathroom. Guess its ready for tile now too!

Michelle showing us her painting skills! Way to make those window frames shine!

B dug out the rest of the landscaping junk that used to grow around the fence here just to the right of the door. He also took out a sawed off pipe that was sticking out of the ground that I was for sure to break my ankle on! Dale isn't pictured here but did edging around all the concrete to get the grass off the sidewalks!

Jaime and Daniel painted the second bedroom and looked mighty cute doing it!

Neil insisted on getting a picture of me. I informed him that is the reason I carry the camera I don't end up in pictures. Oh well. This is the position I was in or standing up from most of the I know why my back, knees, quads are so sore!

A few of us are headed up this week and then back on Saturday. Hopefully we will have even more progress to show then!

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