Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Week 3-House Flip Project

Week 3 started off great! We had a great group out to help and the weather was beautiful and cool! The exterior is moving along quickly!

These ladies are reglazing the windows. Very interesting to watch but very tedious to perform! I admire them for their patience and perseverence!

More ladder work!

The kitchen floor is moving along nicely. Neil's neighbor Kelly (who happens to have installed tile for a living) came to help us lay out the floor and show us exactly how to install it. ( I didn't get a picture of him before we left, but Dave is showing us his mortar skills here!)

The inside painting is moving along nicely too! Jaime spent most of the day in the master bedroom!

New sheetrock and Hardibacker board is going in the bathroom so we can start tile in there as well.

There were some leftover stumps from the HUGE taxis bushes in the front. These guys worked on cutting the stumps below grade and filling the dirt back in. Landscaping will come towards the end of the project so we dont' trample it while painting and stuff outside.

Neil's dad even came along to help!

The roofing crew was laying shingles most of the day on the garage roof. Thank goodness it wasn't in the 90's but this is still hard work!

Backside of the house is almost painted.

More painting....starting on the trim on the front.

And to finish, a close up of that glazing work I was talking about!

I just realized I completely forgot to mention that both of the concrete stoops, front and back, look like new thanks to Josh's master concrete patch work! Not sure if there is a great picture of it but you can look back and tell the difference!

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