Saturday, August 28, 2010

LHC House Rehab- Day 2

Finishing up lunch....Before lunch on Day 2, August 28th, we tore the rest of the shed stuff out and cleared all the brush out of the backyard.

Tearing shingles off the garage roof

Cleaning off the trim on all the windows so we can repaint.

Don't remember what this was....part of putting a new hose bib on the back porch I think.

Taking out an old steel fence.

More shingles off the garage roof.

New tar paper on the garage roof

New sunny yellow paint going on the front of the house.

Here you can see the new yellow against the old color  on the house.

Bathroom is cleared and ready for Hardibacker board, the stuff that goes behind the tile.

The kitchen hardibacker is down and ready for tile.

And cleanup on day 2. See you next Saturday!

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