Saturday, August 28, 2010

LHC House Rehab for Missions

Our church recently started work on a house flip. This is what it looked like to start with. What? You say you can't see a house? Oh yeah....keep reading.

This is the side of the house, its pretty hard to find too.

So here you can actually see there is a dwelling under all that growth...and its actually pretty cute!

And below is the side of the house.

The kitchen....

Living Room

1st Bedroom...

2nd Bedroom (Winnie the Pooh on th walls and all).....


Shed dwelling....wait what? Yeah, they had turned the garage into another living quarters.....bathroom and all. But not somewhere you would want to live. So we are turning it back into a garage....for cars.

Side of the house Day 1 August 21st.

The guys working on tearing out stuff. That was the theme of day 1

Inside of the garage...walls removed. You can still see the paneling they had in the "bathroom"

Oh here's back to the real bathroom. Tile is coming off the walls nicely. If you read the rest of my blog, you will see its not nearly as big of a pain as our bathroom was! Thank goodness!

Taking down the old fan to make room for a new one.

Side of the yard minus the fence....poison ivy....and falling down shed patio roof.

Working on the kitchen. One layer of peel and stick tiles and thin wood layer gone. We will be going over the remaining floor with new tile!
So, demo was the word for day 1, August 21st.

Oh, and I apologize for the picture sizes. Usually blogger lets me change the sizes but its being finicky today.

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