Thursday, April 23, 2009

I Declare War!!!!!

Okay some of you may be familiar with the big boy toys called air soft guns. Not sure why soft is in the name. They shoot hard little balls of plastic. Jeremy has one....its broken. We do however have a large container of 4500 of the little pellets from Satan. Not only have I been hit by one of these things and not happy with that but tonight I officially declared war on them.

I went to my hall closet to put away a jacket and the container of pellets fell in the floor cracking the lid allowing the little guys to run allllllll over! This picture was after I picked up half of them. They go everywhere. In addition, they are probably useless now. See since I have two dogs and wood floors all the fur that can't be picked up two seconds after it falls off the pups slowly rolls in little tumbleweeds under closet doors. So once I got them back into the container at a rate which seemed to be two by two, there was quite a lot of fur in the container too! Yikes. They even invaded my shoes.....but alas! they are all back in their little container. Battle #1 Victory Erin

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