Thursday, April 23, 2009

So today is actually Friday for me since tomorrow I am taking the day off! Hooray! Oh wait, its to have my wisdom teeth removed. Oh well, at least I have an excuse to eat ice cream and be lazy all day.....and its going to be in the 80's and sunny all weekend!

On another note, does anyone else have super weird dreams? I do....all the time...since I was a kid. I think its just another sign of my creative brain. Jeremy thinks its weird. :) I don't usually remember most of them but one time in high school I had a very vivid one. Here goes:

It all starts when I was washing dishes in my house. I could see into the backyard through the window above the sink and much to my surprise there stood a man with a gun pointed at me. I freaked...ran upstairs into my bedroom and sat in the middle of the floor. Unfortunately the whole back wall of my bedroom was glass (in the dream, real life would just be weird) and I could still see the guy, which means he could see me. I ran downstairs again and told my mom about the creep to which she replyed, "Oh, that's nice honey!" What? No, its not nice. What the..... So I proceed to call 911 and the operator informs me they will have someone there in a couple of days. Great they will be there in time to pick up my body before the wild animals come! Maybe overreacting a bit. At that moment I hear the front door open.....oh no! he's coming inside. I peek around the corner and he says, "Hey, do you guys have any pretzels?" Of course, this makes no sense but I throw him a bag of pretzels to which he says, "thanks!" and promptly leaves.

Really, that is the kind of dreams I have. Totally and completely weird. Oh and by the way, I had pretzels in my lunch for about a month before that dream. I think I was tired of them. :)

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Teresa =) said...

Erin -

You CRACK ME UP!! I didn't know you had a blog...girl, you've been holding out on me!! Now I'm gonna start stalking your blog and learning all sorts of weird and mundane information about your life. (Wow, I sounded like a stalker just then...)

I also have weird dreams...rarely about salty snack foods, but weird dreams nonetheless.

Teresa =)