Sunday, May 24, 2009

April showers bring......this stuff!

These are new iris bulbs that were an anniversary gift from mom.
You just have to love all the blooming stuff out right now. We must have had a great spring because everything is busting out.
I was kind of bummed the other day though. We did our annual cleaning of our pond and our frog, Frieda (yeah we named her, look further down the blog in the April section and you will see her) got freaked out and we didn't see her for days. Well apparently she hopped two yards over to our neighbors that have a pond also. He cleaned his yesterday and low and behold, Frieda suddenly appeared back at ours.
Now, last night we thought she was gone again because we had a bunch of friends over and Brad brought his sweet pup, Balen. Balen happens to be a lab. Our pond happens to be full of water. Do you see where this is going? Yeah, he went for a swim. But alas! Frieda was still here today. She must not have been too traumatized!
Hope all of your flowers are blooming like crazy. Enjoy the pics!

Somoa's eye

These will be tall Bengal Canna plants in a month or two. They are tropical and splits from AJ's plants. I love the blue pots!

These are my peonies. They smell divine and look so soft!

Little bitty bug on the peony bud

Goslings near my office.

More goslings

Curious ducks

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