Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dinner Last Night

I decided to photo one of my recipes. Here goes!

This is something I call Smoky Mountain Chicken. Not really sure why, I think I had a similar thing at a restaurant back home. Anywho, its a really great taste and not much skill required!

You need:
2-4 boneless skinless chicken breasts (depending on how many plp you are feeding)
Bar-b-que sauce
Shredded Cheese ( I use a colby jack blend but whatever you like will do)
Scallions or Green Onions
I simply season my thawed chicken with a poultry seasoning. This one is from Sam's and you will start to use it on everything. Its yummy!

Then go outside and turn on your grill. I mean, fire up the charcoal, nah who am I kidding, I use a gas grill. I put it on high heat. Then right before you put the chicken on turn it to medium or low. The point is that you want the grill to be screaming hot but then cook the chicken slowly.
You also do not want to go back in like 2 minutes and turn them. Unless you like chicken stuck to your grill. I hardly ever use oil on my grill. Basically, when the meat doesn't stick any more, its ready to turn, then you get these nice grill marks. Okay, while that is grilling, start cooking your bacon. Then put it on a paper towel to drain some of the grease off.

You can also go ahead and cut up the tomato and green onions. I cut the onions with kitchen shears. Its easier.

Once you flip the chicken you will baste that side with bar-b-que sauce. And say hi to your cute husband watering flowers. Such the landscaper! Oh and he loves having his picture taken, can't you tell?!

As I take the chicken off the grill to my plate, I pour a little more sauce on it and cover with the cheese. That way, your grill doesn't get all messy but the heat from the chicken melts everything together.

Then cover the chicken in the crumbled bacon, (oh yeah, crumble the bacon), green onions and tomatoes. I served mine with zucchini cakes from here. I love this site. I actually made her strawberry shortcake cake last night too! It is out of this world. Possibly my new favorite cake.
Hope you enjoy!


Christi said...

this looks yummy!! and i love the pic of jeremy watering stuff and how you put it in as part of the instructions - lol...

Sarah Burggraf said...

Sounds great Erin! I can't wait to make it! Thanks for sharing!